Education is about more then imparting knowledge. It is about building character and empowering each individual to be an enthusiastic life-long learner and a better human being. Our vision is a school where every student feels safe and respected. At Chetna Convent School our Mantra is to nurture global a citizen. I as a founder, invite you to join as are once journey. Together, we will create a new generation of innovations equipped to succeed in the world of to narrow. .

What does the Principal Wish from Students?

  • They should be regular and punctual in the school.
  • They should show due respect to the teacher & their seniors in the school and elders at home
  • They should be humble and polite
  • They should show decency in behavior with other
  • They should avoid vulgarity in talk with others
  • They should keep good health with strong body and sharp intelligence
  • They should face difficulties in life manfully.
  • They should always be ready to lend a helping hand to others.
  • They should never cheat or be unfair at play. Games should be played in true sportsman spirit
  • They should always be truthful whatever the cost.
  • They should respect the liberty and the right of other.
  • They should keep the classroom and the school neat & clean or spoil the school property.
  • They should cultivate the qualities of national oneness & international brotherhood
  • They should take pride in wearing school uniform.
  • They should ever be friendly with others in & outside the school.